Speargun Safety

Spearguns are the furthest things from toys you can get.

Simple rules that will help keep you out of trouble:

  1. Always treat the gun like it's loaded. It's a good way to build good habits
  2. Lock it up if you have kids!
  3. Never point a speargun at anyone!
  4. Never load a speargun out of the water. There are too many stories of of people who have had to patch holes in the bottom of their boat, or pry a shaft from a wall, piece of plywood etc...
  5. Always unload a speargun before taking out of the water
  6. Keep the tip pointed away from your body parts
  7. Never ever fire a gun out of the water. The shaft will either break the line and go for several hundred yards, or hit the end of the line and head right back at you
  8. Put the safety "ON" before loading
  9. Check what's behind what you are shooting at! That rock might cause the shaft to run the gun right back at you, or there may be somebody behind the fish
  10. Watch out for the recoil! A big or small gun will remove teeth, break masks and noses, and generally ruin your day if not properly braced when firing