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  • Halibut

    Name: Al Hansen
    Witness: Andy Smith
    Date: 05/18/2024
    Location: San Diego
    Weight: 24.7 lbs

  • White Sea Bass

    Name: Jeff Chisdak

    Witness: Leo Yabu

    Date: 5/3/2024

    Location: California

    Weight: 49.56 lbs

  • Cabrilla

    Name: Mike Feldman

    Witness: Dave Rechel

    Date: 5/3/2024

    Location: Mexico

    Weight: 14.7 lbs


The purpose of the San Diego Freedivers is to support a fellowship among Southern California’s freedivers, preserve the history of freediving and spearfishing, promote proper stewardship of our marine resources, and to encourage competition and good sportsmanship.

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