Perennial Trophies

These are the Perennial Trophies that get passed-down each year to the Club Member who submits the largest fish (by weight) in each category for the year

Largest fish of the year

The Barry Wagner Award

2023 Winner: Andy Smith 88.9 lb Wahoo

Largest combined weight of a Yellowtail and a White Seabass shot in the same day, of the year

The Potts-Prodanovich Award

2023 Winner:

Not submitted

Combined Weight

Largest California Spiny Lobster of the year

The Lobster Award

2023 Winner:

Bret Whitman

9.9 lb Lobster

Largest Wahoo of the year

The George Vafis Award

2023 Winner:

Andy Smith

88.9 lb Wahoo

Largest fish shot with a pole spear of the year

The Al Hansen Award

2023 Winner:

Brandon Zeek

19.8 lb Broomtail Grouper

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Largest (IC) Yellowtail of the year

The Bill Wagner Award

2023 Winner:

Ryan Tracey

40.0 lb Yellowtail

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Largest White Seabass of the year

The Volker Hoehne Award

2023 Winner:

Mike Feldman

65.0 lb White Seabass