Boat-Ho Manifesto

First of all, having your own boat does not make you automatically a wise waterman or better than anyone else. It does however make you in charge as it is on your own vessel. The captain if you will. The captain incurs many expenses and hassles that you are most likely unaware of. Show respect and courtesy including the following...

  1. Be 15 minutes early to the meeting place. Too annoying when people are late.
  2. Do not go out drinking the night before. If you do, don’t be complaining how you feel like crap and take sea sick medicine 2 hours before launch.
  3. Do not cancel last minute. If you do, ask where to send a check for your share of fuel.
  4. Bring more than enough money for your share of fuel, parking, and possibly truck fuel to get the boat to the launch. Bring plenty of change or be prepared to say, keep the change.
  5. Do not wear black soled shoes.
  6. Do not bring a cooler unless you are asked. Deck space should always be clear.
  7. Do bring ice for the boat cooler or fish hold.
  8. Bring your own food and water and enough to share.
  9. Do not bring a plastic tub with your gear. Those are great for shore diving, but get in the way on the boat. This one is super annoying.
  10. Do bring one bag with all of your gear and a dry bag or trash bag for your clothes.
  11. Learn how to back up a trailer and offer to do so.
  12. Ask where to put your weight belt. Do not drag it across the deck.
  13. Deploy and pull the bumpers at the dock. Find a good place on the boat to balance out the weigh – and STAY there while under way.
  14. Before moving on boat at anchor take a look at where everyone else is. Do not go port side if everyone else is at port side.
  15. Do not lay your stuff all over the deck. Keep the deck clear and your bag stowed except when changing. Change quickly and get your stuff out of the way.
  16. Hang your floatlines with a tarp bungee or grip clip to the side rails and out of the way. Ask where to stow your fins and guns. Have all of the rest of your gear on your body and not laying around or have a game bag that has your mask, snorkel, etc in it and tie it to a side rail with a tarp bungee or grip clip.
  17. Bring your own tarp bungees or grip clips (home depot).
  18. Bring 2 guns max. If it is a multi-day trip ask how many guns you can bring in case you are hitting different types of dive spots.
  19. Bring a jacket and a beanie.
  20. Do not pee in your suit while on the boat. No one wants to walk around in your piss. I have literally been on a boat with a guy pissing while on the tuna tower. So dumb.
  21. Offer to deploy and pull the anchor at every stop. Clean the kelp off of the bow every time.
  22. Learn how to secure the anchor rode.
  23. Ask when there is enough scope on the anchor rode.
  24. Keep a positive attitude. Do not complain.
  25. Always let the captain go in the water first.
  26. If targeting wsb, keep silent, don’t splash, and don’t shoot a calico until wsb limits are on the boat.
  27. If paddy hopping, your main duty is to find paddies. Do not be checking your email or messing with your gear. Find paddies!
  28. Do not take pics that show the spot that was shared with you.
  29. Do not share the spot without the captains expressed permission.
  30. If you get blood and guts on the boat, clean it up before it dries.
  31. Offer to clean fish.
  32. Offer to share fillets.
  33. Be on the constant look out for a way to help. Don’t wait to be asked. Ask what you can do to help while at the dock and while cleaning up.
  34. Be damn sure you are not on your phone when approaching the dock or while the boat is being cleaned. Get in there and help.
  35. Do not just grab your stuff while cleaning. Join the team.
  36. Offer your share of expenses before you are asked.
  37. No one will board my boat without reading this.