Code of Ethics


Every San Diego Freedivers member must abide by the club Code of Ethics:

As a member of SDF, I will subscribe to a higher standard of ethical and sportsmanlike conduct. Therefore, I pledge myself to the following principles originally derived from the Bottom Scratchers:
  1. To be a good sportsman
  2. To strive in maintaining the good physical conditioning necessary for year-round diving.
  3. To excel in all phases of diving and spearfishing
  4. To exercise best diving habits
  5. To do everything possible to prevent the waste of sea life
  6. To help others to appreciate the wonders of the sea
  7. To commit no act that will reflect adversely on the grand sport of skin diving
In furtherance of these principles, I agree to abide by the following code of ethics:
  • I will at all times consider the effect of my actions on the environment and will strive to spearfish in a manner which is consistent with sustainable fishing practices.
  • I will act in a courteous and responsible manner towards other club members at all times to encourage fellowship with other SDF members.
  • I will respect and seek to preserve the history of spearfishing. I recognize that our history and our heritage are critical to our identity as spearfishermen. I will pass my knowledge on to future generations of Freedivers in order to preserve our sport.
  • I will always engage in a safety-first policy when spearfishing which includes inspecting my equipment for unsafe wear or damage, keeping my gun pointed in a safe direction and being sure of my target- making sure it is of legal size and species prior to shooting.
  • I will make my best attempt to be conscious of where I spearfish so to not over-fish a body of water. I will do this to help manage the health of fisheries and contribute to preservation for future generations.
  • I will make good use of the fish I harvest and will never leave my fish on the public shoreline or within communal trash receptacles. Doing so is not only unethical but tarnishes the sport of spearfishing for all.
  • I will not breach, encourage or condone any violation of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s fishing regulations or the regulations of other responsible agencies in the area I may be fishing and will only pursue and harvest those species deemed legal in the area I am fishing.
  • I will abide by the rules in all spearfishing competitions I may engage in and strive to respect the spirit as well as the letter of the rules in order to encourage good sportsmanship and represent SDF honorably.