Club Membership FAQ

Membership FAQ

What benefits do I get from being an SDF Club Member?

As an SDF member you get special privileges to certain club events such as discounted entry in the Blue Water Meet, discounts with some of our sponsors, and free or discounted admission to other club sponsored events such as Beach BBQs and campouts. As an SDF member you get access to our private group on Facebook, where you are able to network with fellow divers and contribute to local fish and dive reports. Additionally, SDF members compete for club records and awards.

How do I gain access to the San Diego Freedivers Facebook Group?

After you signup you will receive an email with link to request accecss to the private facebook page.

How long does my membership last?

Membership is through the current calendar year and <strong>NOT</strong> for 365 days after you sign up. However, membership sign-ups after October 1st will be applied to the following year and so you’ll get an extra 3 months of membership for signing up early. Note that because there must be a hard cutoff and we can’t keep track of when each individual member signed-up, know that signing up before October 1st will only get you membership through the end of that calendar year. For example, if you sign up on September 30, then you just purchased 3 months of membership and it will expire after the beginning of the new year. Every year around the March/April time-frame, those who have not paid their club dues by then (and filled out the membership form on the website for that year), get purged from the Facebook group. Simply put, pay your dues and fill out the membership form between the October — December time frame and you are Good to Go! New members thinking of signing up in the middle of the year or even September, know that your membership will need to be renewed with the rest of the club members come the first of the year.

How do I get a free shirt?

NEW members (if you’ve never been a member before) get a free SDF T-shirt (while supplies last). Sometimes the shirts can be picked up from House of Scuba, and sometimes at a club meeting. Additionally, shirts may always be purchased for $10-$25 (depending on type) by club members.

I signed up last year, before October 1st, and haven't renewed since then. Am I currently a member?

Memberships expire on April 1st of each year unless you signed up after Oct 1 of the previous year, then you will be current for the entire following year.