29th Annual Blue Water Meet & Raffle

DATE TBD, 2024

First Light – 5:00 PM

Dana Landing, Mission Bay

This is the 28th annual San Diego Freedivers Blue Water Meet. This spearfishing competition is our premier event. Every year, we have 50-80 divers compete to determine who is the best blue water diver in Southern California

This is a single-day/single-fish meet.  There are two categories of fish entries.  First, is the pelagic fish category.  Typically yellowtail, dorado, or white seabass take home the trophy.  Second is the reef fish category.  Large sheephead, calico bass or other species qualify for this category and usually take home an award.


  • Largest single fish (by weight) wins the 1st Place award, plus name and catch engraved on our perpetual trophy. Largest fish in the reef fish category will win an award.
  • Divers may enter the water at first-light the morning of the competition and must have fish submitted to be weighed by 5PM; entries not submitted by the 5PM deadline will be disqualified.
  • Only one fish entry per contestant.
  • Spearguns and pole spears only.
  • Freediving only . . . no tanks, hooks, nets, traps, or bang sticks may be used to capture fish.
  • Diver must personally load gun, shoot fish and retrieve fish. Retrieval on scuba is allowed only if necessary for safety.
  • Contest fish are limited to legal species and sizes as defined by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife Ocean Sport Fishing Regulations. Diver’s must possess all required licensing and certification required by the area of jurisdiction (i.e. divers in Mexico must possess all required licenses)
  • Specifically excluded from this contest are sharks, rays, sunfish (molas), broadbill swordfish, black seabass, and groupers.
  • All entrants must submit a completed and signed Registration/Release of Liability form with payment.


Dana Landing Gas Dock, Mission Bay, San Diego.


  • Competition begins in San Diego:  divers may enter the water at First Light
  • Weigh-ins at Dana Landing: Begin at 2PM and END @ 5PM SHARP at Dana Landing Gas Dock
  • 4:15-6:15pm food being served ($10 for non competitors to get wristband)
  • Awards and Raffle happening after weigh-ins @ approximately 5:30-6:00PM
  • 7pm teardown and cleanup


Please contact:

  • Dave Clutts : 858-899-0088


Fill out the form below AND pay via PayPal. Clicking “Submit” should redirect you to PayPal for payment. If it doesn’t redirect you, contact the webmaster at webmaster@sandiegofreedivers.com.

2024 BWM Entry Form

Number of non-competing guests that will be attending the festivities (and receiving a food ticket), $10.00 per person
The undersigned hereby releases the San Diego Freedivers club, its members, officers and all participants of the Blue Water Spearfishing Meet, from any and all liability, responsibility, charges, and claims resulting from my participation in this event. I enter this event with the full knowledge that the sport of spearfishing is dangerous and understand that injury or death could occur as a result of my participation. I claim to be physically prepared and properly trained for this event and enter this event of my own volition. I hereby forfeit all claims against and hold harmless the San Diego Freedivers and/or any individuals representing or associated with the organization for any illness, injury, damages, liability, legal fees, or responsibility of any kind that could arise as a result of my participation in this meet or event.